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Colombia Andino

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Colombia Andino

Grown by the Bruselas community of 102 coffee producing families in the Macizo Colombiano, Hulia — an area where three ranges of Colombian Andes converge. These mountains, combined with the nearby Amazon and Pacific rivers, create unique micro-climates and excellent coffee growing conditions.

The coffee is grown in the shade of Plantain, guamos, cachafrutos and cachimbo trees and fully washed in micro mills at each farm, then sun dried on covered patios or raised beds.

Juicy bright, red berries, grape, apple and caramel roasted almonds in the finish

ALTITUDE – 1500 - 1950 meters above sea level

LOCATION – Ribeirao Corrente, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo

PROCESS – Fully Washed


VARIETY – Castillo and Caturro

SCA SCORE  –  86


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