Ethiopian Bench Maji Forest

Ethiopian Bench Maji Forest

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Ethiopian Bench Maji Forest, washed processed, Organic coffee is produced by farmers cooperative union and is grown naturally with in the natural rainforest under the shade of the Maji forest at 900 to 1200 meters. The coffee trees pick up the flavour of the local fruits and berries giving it a strawberry, red apple and caramel flavour with herbal notes, it has a low acidity and medium body.

A great coffee for filter and pour over coffees

Producers - Bench Maji Farmers cooperative union

Altitude– 900 to 1200 meters above sea level

Location – Maji Forest

Process – Washed

Varietal - Gesha, Kaffa, Djima, Limmu

Certification – Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ certified, Fairtrade

Origin - Ethiopia / Africa

Roast - Medium

Strength - Medium


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