nicaraguan coffee, espresso, flat white, direct trade

Nicaragua Java, Santa Maria De Lourdes

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Origin - Nicaragua

Location - San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Farm - Santa Maria de Lourdes, Peralta Family

Altitude - 1150 - 1300 Meters above sea level

Process – Washed

Varietal - Caturra, Catuaí, Java

Certification – Fair Trade

Roast - Medium

Cupping notes - Rich dark chocolate, sweet tobacco, creamy and red currents gives this a well balanced cup

The view you get from the top of Santa Maria de Lourdes is spectacular. All throughout the farm you will find small streams of water, separating the farm plots. Out of all the Peralta family farms, Santa Maria is always the last one to finish harvesting all its coffee, with a harvest starting in January and going on all the way up until April. Finca Santa Maria de Lourdes has 32 hectares of coffee area and an additional 45 hectares of forest area.

This creates a unique ecosystem full of flora and native species such as howler and white face monkeys, which can be seen and heard in the shade trees high above the coffee. While the majority of the production is Caturra, you will also find Catuai, Tekisit, Maracaturra, Pacamara, Red Bourbon and Java growing here.

A 15kwa hydroelectric generator also powers the farm and our Penagos UBCE 2500 wet mill at Santa Maria de Lourdes. The average annual production for this farm is 1000 69 kg bags.

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