Ugandan Rwenzori mountain Drugar Unroasted beans

Ugandan Rwenzori mountain Drugar Unroasted beans

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Green/Raw Rwenzori Mountain Arabicas Coffee beans, Ugandan natural process.

This classic natural process coffee from Uganda displays a traditional profile brightened by fruity notes. It works very well as an espresso blend component.

DRUGAR stands for Dry Ugandan Arabica, and coffee growers across Uganda have been processing coffee this way for generations. Our Drugar comes from various smallholders across the country

Chocolatey and sweet like honey with a clean aftertaste with medium acidity and body.

Origin - Uganda

Location – Rwenzori mountains, Western Uganda

Altitude - 1200 - 1500 Meters above sea level

Process - Natural 

Certification – UCAD

 This is a unroasted coffee.